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Sigrid Carrier Bag

Sale! Sigrid Carrier Bag  

Sigrid Carrier Bag

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SKU: DE0069.

Do you take your dog to a special occasion? Or you just love to be dressed to perfection? Carry your treasure with you in this super elegant bag!

The base of this bag is made of a cream-colored, soft material with a luxurious diamond motif. The front has a large pocket over the entire width with a magnetic closure. All edges are reinforced with metallic, bronze eco-leather that is also used for the straps.Naturally Carrier Bag Sigrid has a nice soft pillow and a strap to secure your dog and to prevent him from jumping out.

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Product Description

Luxurious carrier bag for traveling with style
Hand made
High quality textiles
Quilted surface
Soft faux fur lining
Goes with: Metallic Coat

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